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Label: Fierce Panda Records (UK/EU), Indica Records (Aus/NZ), Big Story Entertainment (ROW)

Distributor: The Orchard (UK/EU), MGM (Aus/NZ), Believe Digtial (ROW)

Marketing: Flying Colours Music, Inc. - matt@flyingcolours.me

Publisher: Big Story Ent. – matt@bigstoryentertainment.ca

Synch Licensing: Bank Robber/Rough Trade - aj@roughtradepublishing.com

UK Label: Fierce Panda Records - simonwilliamspanda@gmail.com

German Label: Quirin Fischer - quirin@popup-records.de

German Agent: Micheal Wohlfarth - michael@popup-records.de

Aus/NZ Label: Indica Records – rob@sourcemusic.com.au

PR: Auteur Research - adam@auteurresearch.com

Producers: Ben Nudds, Nathan Ferraro, Colin Munroe, Stuart Cameron


LeRiche is a troubadour, a true nomad compelled to hit the road with his guitar, singing his intimate folk-pop songs to a broader audience than his home in Port aux Basques, a tourist town of 4000 people in Newfoundland and Labrador, on Canada’s east coast.   

His second EP, X-Dreamer — released in the UK and Europe on Fierce Panda, Australia and New Zealand on Indica, and Big Story in the rest of the world — has enabled him to do just that, tour Canada and overseas, including The Great Escape in the U.K., and a recent, very successful tour of Germany.  His debut EP, Quiet Steady, kicked off his career, quietly but steadily. 

LeRiche — first name Brad — now lives in Mount Pearl, the province’s second biggest city. Heloves to stay home, cook and hang out with his young daughter, but he wants a comfortable living making music which means tour, tour, tour — he wrote a song about his restlessness, “Nomadic Heart.” “I can’t stay, I’m built to fly,” he sings. 

The first time he ever played a gig outside his home province was in the Arabic country of Qatar with his college bandmates, a 10-day trip for a 30-minute covers set of Canadian rock music. “That was really big eye-opener to me. That turned me onto traveling a lot,” he says. 

Now, he’s working on new songs and getting ready to pick a producer. “I have boatloads of material for that, more than anybody knows what to do it,” LeRiche laughs. 

His passion for songwriting began as a child in Port aux Basques. “I just stayed home and played guitar like a loner” is how he puts it. “When I got older I started playing in bands. Through junior high and high school, I played in bands every year. I was also first trumpet in high school. I wasin like five or six bands, playing all kinds of instruments or singing, anything I could get my hands on.” 

Because folk music is so pervasive in his neck of the woods, his “inner rebel” drew him, instead, to rock, rap, heavy metal, blues and R&B. “I didn't get into the singer-songwriter stuff until I wasa bit older, probably 14,” LeRiche says. By 16, he had made up his mind to pursue music as a career. The College of the North Atlantic, about 90 minutes from home, offered a three-year diploma in Music: Performance, Business & Technology. “I was like, ‘Yeah, I'm going to do that.’”  

It was through that college that he got to travel to Qatar, but after graduating in 2010 LeRiche played “a million” local shows and wrote songs like crazy. He even burned CDs of his material and gave them away at gigs. One night, he was playing in a bar in Newfoundland, when he recognized some noted Canadian musicians from Hedley, Virginia To Vegas and Alyssa Reid who had just performed at Mile One stadium.  It was 1 a.m. and he was about to call it a night because the place had emptied out when he whispered to his bandmate to keep playing.  

“They got up and played some songs and we were there until like four in the morning after the bar closed, just hanging out and talking. And that's how I met Ben [Nudds],” LeRiche says. He soon found himself in the studio with Ben and Stuart Cameron.  “It was my first time working with producers and with studio musicians, trying to nail down a sound and an album. It was pivotal for me. I learned a lot,” LeRiche says. 

Quiet Steady, released in late 2015, was his first official release. “Meeting Ben opened a lot of doors for me. He definitely changed my life. He connected me with Big Story Entertainment who I’ve been with for the past four years. He’s sort of my manager, my project manager, my confidante, my big brother.” 

X-Dreamer came next, released in late 2017, featuring the singles “Under Covers,” “River Runs” and “Nomadic Heart.”  Produced again by Nudds and Cameron, LeRiche also worked with Nathan Ferraro (ex of The Midway State) and Colin Munroe, each responsible for a couple of songs. LeRiche produced the sparse “Briefcase Full of Booze” in the garage. 

“For the first EP, we were still experimenting and trying to find what works and what feels right, but for this EP every song called for different vibe so we thought, ‘Maybe Nate will bring the right energy and approach to ‘Nomadic Heart,’ which he did, and maybe Colin will bring theright energy and approach to ‘Come Around,’ which he did. It was a strategic thing,” LeRiche says. “I basically produced it all as well. It might be uncredited, but if I had ideas my voice was always heard. I'm incredibly involved in the creative process.” 

He is still happy with all the songs on Quiet Steady and X-Dreamer, as he gears up to record his next batch. 

“I like artists with staying power and that has a lot to do with their whole catalogue,” LeRiche says. “I've never found an artist that I love who had six songs; they have 16 records. I believe it's a culmination of all your work. X-Dreamer was again very pivotal for me because I feel like I'm that much closer to nailing down my sound, my vibe. The aesthetic of the whole project is getting a lot closer to the mark.” 




  • Writing new material in Nashville (May ‘19) with Todd Clark (Phillip Phillips, Noah Kahan, BANNERS)

  • 15 city return-to-Germany tour January 2020

  • 12 city German tour completed January 2019

  • Nominated for two ECMA (East Coast Music Awards) including Rising Star and Video of the Year (River Runs)

  • Nominated for four MusicNL Awards including Rising Star and Fan Choice

  • Added to Sirius’ “North Americana” station

  • X-Dreamer EP over 1M streams worldwide

  • X-Dreamer EP peak chart iTunes Canada Alternative #21 (Canada - Nov ’17)

  • “Nomadic Heart” added to Spotify Van Life, Mellow Favourites, New Music Friday, New Music Now Une Semaine, une playliste playlists

  • Worldwide (ex-Aus/NZ) sync license deal in place with Bank Robber/Rough Trade Publishing

  • Toronto Star’s Ben Rayner article "LeRiche’s likeable compositions seem bound for big audiences — especially fans of Ed Sheeran and James Blunt.”

  • License agreements signed with Fierce Panda (UK), Indica (Australia/NZ) and Pop-Up (GSA)

  • LeRiche performed at WMVY (Martha’s Vineyard) Porch Concert Series 8/21 & WBJB Summer Concert Series (Lincroft, NJ) 8/23

  • NE USA radio promo tour completed (Montpelier VT, Martha’s Vineyard MA, Lincroft NJ)

upcoming tour dates

Husum GER 1/9/20
Sylt GER 1/10/20
Stralsund GER 1/11/20
Lübeck GER 1/13/20
Hamburg GER 1/14/20
Mittweida GER 1/15/20 (TBC)
Oberhausen GER 1/16/20
Dormagen GER 1/17/20
Bielefeld GER 1/18/20
Stuttgart GER 1/22/20
Munich GER 1/23/20
Bayreuth GER 1/24/20
Weilburg GER 1/25/20
Hannover GER 1/28/20


Radio (Adelaide Hall) - Toronto CAN 3/12/19
Kokolores - Künzelsau GER 1/12/19
Tonfink - Lübeck GER 1/14/19
Freundlich + Komptent - Hamburg GER 1/15/19
Café Galao - Stuttgart GER 1/16/19
Studentenclub - Mittweida GER 1/17/19
Mörtelwerk - Leipzig GER 1/18/19
Schokoladenfabrik - Bayreuth GER 1/19/19
Alte Schule - Lauterbach GER 1/20/19
Ostpool - Dresden GER 1/21/19



LeRiche’s likeable compositions seem bound for big audiences — especially fans of Ed Sheeran and James Blunt.
— Ben Rayner - Toronto Star
Classically cinematic and rich with warm velvety melodies.
— ALAN CROSS (CFNY - The Edge, Toronto)